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Fallen Beauty

“Not to hide from you, after the death of Satomi, you’ve been busy and always not at home and my mood wasn’t good. I almost commit suicide.” “Why you didn’t do it?” I jokingly replied her.   She didn’t answer me, she continued looking out to the window, with her sad looks. Honestly, after the death of Satomi, we sort of had this mutual agreement, that we shall never talk about her anymore. But...

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Face Riding

After a while, my job was getting more and more. Today, my manager arranged a scene for me. He told me specifically that in the scene, I need to perform the position called “Face Riding” Honestly speaking, this is the only position I cannot accept. You allow an actress to sit on your face, That is total outrageous. I will feel like a slave instead. Even Taku Yoshimura senpai said before “No matter what, we need to protect our...

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Silly Sister

After the Kirara Asuka incident, I’ve been blacklisted by president Yoshida. And because of that, I was quite free these days, making me have more time to spend with Erika. That day, when I reached her house, she told me that she wanted to go out to buy some stuffs. When she was back from outside, I saw her pulling a girl together with her. I looked at the girl and immediately recognized her as Yuma Asami. “Haha, sorry for...

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President, Part 2

“Suddenly a car pulled over beside me, the car door opened and I was being forcefully pulled into the car….” The car turned into the corner and stopped in front of an office. Someone untied me and released me from blindfolded. I saw a man sitting on a chair, looking at me. “Are you having sex with Kirara Asuka?” “Who are you?” “I’m president Yoshida, are you having sex with Kirara...

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President, Part 1

That day when I was resting in the house with Erika, Suddenly there was a phone call. “Hello?”, Erika answered the call. She told me that it was a girl who wanted to look for me “Hello?” “Hey! Still remember me?” Kirara Asuka said, happily. “How can I forget you?” “Tomorrow, same place, see you there” She hung up the call before I was able to give her any answer. What was she thinking?...

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Mihiro, Part 2

I quickly went back home and told Erika about the whole thing. Erika said she wanted to know the truth as well. So both of us came out with a perfect idea. Erika will ask Mihiro out for movie. Because of Mihiro didn’t know my relationship with Erika, I will fake the meeting as accidental. So the day came and we executed the plan.   Mihiro was rushing to the cinema as usual for the date with Erika. But her assistant was there as...

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Mihiro, Part 1

After one been in the industry for a long time, surely one will hear a lot of rumors flying around among the actresses and actors. One of the most remarkable rumors was “Mihiro’s climax is fake.” I have doubts in it. I mean in early days they had this censored area of the private parts in the movie. So it is easy to fake the climax or cums. But now, everyone can see the virginal of an actress clearly, and with the direct...

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